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StikBot Infinity: Story of Zingtannica

A collection of 11,111 unique, randomly generated StikBot avatars featuring new and existing, out of this world accessories. Buying one gives you exclusive membership in the Fanbot Club which gives you access to free 3D models, airdrops, metaverse events, and much more. Stay tuned to for the release dates. All avatar holders own the commercial rights of their characters.

Zingtannica is home to unique StikBots and is divided into six distinct districts, each with a different biome and function that is vital to the realm.

The realm and its denizens have enjoyed peace and prosperity as each district maintains an equal influence over each other, but a looming force threatens this balance, and now the realm is in chaos as each district is vying for power over all of Zingtannica. The most notable StikBots that reside in the realm are called StikBot Legendz and hold incredible power.

There are 11,111 NFTs including Zingtannica Legendz and citizens.

  • Kokatsu: The Stealth District
  • Vangarden: The Justice District
  • Karmatopia: The Nature District
  • Terayno: The Mining District
  • Frankenheim: The Science District
  • Gloomburg: The Aesthetic District

About StikBot

Launched in 2015, StikBot is an innovative line of collectible action figures designed for imaginative play and fostering creativity through stop-motion animation. Throughout the years, the brand has received awards and global success, with 25 million units sold in over 40 countries. Our official YouTube channel, Stikbot Central, has produced hundreds of animated videos and is followed by over 950,000 subscribers. 

The users, a.k.a. Fanbots have also created and shared plenty of animated videos online, allowing StikBots to become the first social media toy and inspiring a community of creators. But StikBot’s growth doesn’t stop there. 

Stikbot Infinity is the next step in the expansion of StikBot. We have fully entered the ever-evolving digital space, which involves virtual reality and Web3 technologies. This project will fully involve fanbots as collaborators in creating all kinds of StikBot media. We would also provide them with tools, guides, assets, and a platform to help them cultivate their skills.

We are also excited to launch our StikBot showroom on Here you’ll find 3D versions of familiar and new StikBot characters, relive scenes from your favorite StikBot shows, and find special prizes waiting for fanbots to discover them.


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Our Vision

StikBot’s brand vision is to create a future where anyone can create and express themselves through animation. We are working towards that vision by providing products, animation techniques, 3D files, and video tutorials. Our community is built on the motto: Create, Animate, Share.

StikBot is a well-established brand with international exposure and professional teams to back it up, not to mention legions of dedicated fans. The StikBot Infinity project brings the brand’s vision to life. Our roadmap outlines our plan, with the goal of integrating the new systems and technologies available to us. We see a future where a community of animators, filmmakers, voice actors, artists, video editors, photographers, and others come together, inspired and driven to tell their unique stories with StikBots.


COMMUNITY: Collaboration with Passionate Fans

The StikBot Infinity Project is community driven. Artists and Fanbots collaborate on projects and build the community, so everyone involved has a sense ownership and a stake in the success of the project. Contributors will have early access to digital assets and other benefits. We are starting with an already sizable social media following and have just started an amazing community in Discord. There, we directly hear from Fanbots about what they want to see from StikBot and provide everything from animation tutorials to helping people who are new to NFTs navigate the web3 space. The StikBot community is creative, inclusive, and ready to expand into the metaverse.

SHOWROOM: Bridge between Digital and Physical

On April 7, we launched the StikBot 3D Studio on There you'll find representations of our popular physical product lines you can view as exhibits. Some of these are scenes straight from your favorite StikBot, animated in all its 3D glory. In this virtual space, there are all kinds of games and special prizes waiting for fanbots to discover.


Get ready for a collection of 11,111 randomly generated StikBot avatars, residing on the Ethereum blockchain. Each is one-of-a-kind and made up of a unique combination of traits and DNA. Owning a Story of Zingtannica avatar allows you to vote on upcoming features, products, animation series storylines, events, and more.


As soon as we complete the launch of StikBot Infinity: Story of Zingtannica, we will begin working on our next big endeavor: 3D animation! All the Story of Zingtannica holders will be granted exclusive access to 3D files of official artwork and models, with tutorials focused on collectors and new animators. We'll provide the tools and assets to help you create, animate, and share your own StikBot project. Beyond the current Stikbot shows, the team will also lead to produce a community-driven animated series that will launch on streaming platforms.


More physical collectibles and merch will be released, including the newest addition to the StikBot Monster line: the Werewolf & Cyborg pack. We are also planning to release StikBot branded streetwear, art toys, and blind packs based on the Story of Zingtannica accessories and fan-made works. For the community to take part and vote on the merch they want to have.


We are planning to create different STEM projects–organize and collaborate–with the community. Share everything we make and learn while we continue to produce all types of content/products to nurture all future creative artists and creators to be.

Meet Our Team


Project Director & Toy Veteran

Web3 enthusiast. Create, animate, and share Stikbot to the world in the web3 way, packed with 12 years of toy industry experiences. WAGMI


Lead Artist

Ben studied Industrial Design to bridge the gap between his interest in 2D art and creating 3D forms. Considerable experience in both disciplines influences the forms and functions of his designs.


3D Artist

Ken is experienced in all aspects of 3D production, specifically in games and animation. When not in front of the computer, he enjoys caring for his house plants and four pet dogs.


3D Artist

Kaye is a 3D Generalist who is fond of crafting handmade clay jewelry and has a multifaceted life of passion projects, travelogues, and adventures.


2D Artist

Bryan likes to collect vinyl records and illustrate the beauty seen in the mundane. He has a talent for 2D animation and has made created various passion projects in both illustration and animation.


2D Artist

Carlyn is a stop-motion and 2D animator who only comes out of her abode to grab art supplies and stickers. She also loves to travel the fantastical landscapes of Terry Pratchett or curate her vast collection of books and comics.


2D Artist

Deborah is a kid-at-heart illustrator and animator who lends her voice to all kinds of characters as a voice actor. She studied Classical Animation at Vancouver Film School and has a graduate degree of Masters of Arts in Cinema Studies.

Fizzbuzz Inc.

Web Enabler

One stop digital company based in Cebu City, Philippines. Their team provides web development support for Stikbot Infinity.